Cricket Betting: Understanding Different Bet Types

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Cricket betting is on match outcomes. The most common type of cricket bet is a match bet, which is a bet on who will win a cricket match. You can also bet on other outcomes of the match, such as the number of runs scored or who will have the most fours.

How to Place a Cricket Bet

How to Place a Cricket Bet

Anyone can quickly learn to bet on cricket matches because online sportsbooks that allow betting are easy to use. Signing up, putting money in your account, and making your first cricket betting a breeze. Just follow these six easy steps.

Sign Up

Go to one of the sports betting websites we suggest. For instance, if you visit Dafawin casino, start signing up by clicking ‘Join .’Put in the necessary information, such as your name and address.

Make a Deposit

After you log in, go to the cashier. Choose how much money you want to deposit and follow the steps to finish. It is when you can get any bonus they offer.

Search the Markets

Go to the sportsbook. Pick ‘Cricket’ from the list of sports on the left side. Click on a match or series to see the options you can choose from.

Create Your Bet

When you pick a bet, it goes to your bet slip. All the bets you choose will be in this slip so you can make many bets together or parlays.

Finalize Your Bet

Ensure you’ve arranged your bet or bets correctly and decided how much money you want to bet on each. Click the bottom green button slip to confirm your bet. Your bet will be placed right away.

Wait for the Outcome

You can relax and watch the game. If your bet wins, you can take your money once you meet the most minor rules. Remember, if you used bonus money to bet, you might still need to play more before cashing out.

Types of Cricket Betting

Types of Cricket Betting

To know how to bet on cricket and do well, you must know all the bets you can make. Cricket betting is similar to other sports betting, so if you’ve bet on sports before, you’ll get the hang of cricket bets pretty fast.


Moneyline is a straightforward way to bet on the outcome of a match. It entails forecasting the winning team. Each team is assigned odds that indicate the potential payout if that team wins. If a team has a positive Moneyline, like +150, a 100 bet on that team would yield a 150 profit if they win. On the other hand, if a team has a negative Moneyline, say -120, you would Bet 120 to earn $100 if that team wins. People can predict the winner of a cricket match via moneyline betting and understand the potential profit based on the odds associated with each team.

For example, if you see a Moneyline of +200 for Team A and -180 for Team B, it means Team A is the underdog, and a 100 bet on them would result in a 200 profit if they win. Being the favorite, Team B requires a 180-bet to make a 100-percent profit if they win. So, in cricket, moneyline betting is a way to make predictions about match outcomes and understand the potential earnings based on the odds assigned to each team.

Match Props

Match Props refer to specific wagers that focus on various aspects or events occurring during a cricket match, aside from the game’s outcome. Instead of predicting the winning team, Match Props allow bettors to place their bets on specific occurrences within the match. For example, you might bet on the number of runs a particular batter will score, whether a typical bowler will take a wicket or even the total number of sixes hit in the match.

Match Props operates is pretty simple. Prop bets come in various sportsbooks, and gamblers pick the ones they think will happen or find fascinating. These prop bets have a separate outcome from the match’s final score. It increases the excitement of betting on cricket by allowing spectators to concentrate on particular aspects of the match instead of just the score at the end.

Player Props

Player Props in cricket betting involve making predictions about specific individual performances rather than the overall outcome of the match. Rather than placing a wager on which team will prevail, you focus on the actions of individual players. For example, you might wager on whether a particular batter will score more or less than a certain number of runs or if a bowler will take a specific number of wickets. 

These bets add extra excitement to the game, allowing you to follow and cheer for specific players regardless of the overall match result. Player Props can include various aspects of a player’s performance, such as runs scored, wickets taken, and even specific events like whether a batter will hit a six or a bowler will deliver a maiden over. It’s a way for cricket fans to engage more deeply with the sport and enjoy the individual skills of their favorite players.


Futures refer to wagers placed on events that will happen in the future, typically beyond the immediate match. Instead of predicting the outcome of a single game, Futures bets involve predicting the outcome of a tournament or series. For instance, one could wager on a team to win a specific cricket league or a player to score the most runs in a tournament. These wagers are placed long before the event and can heighten the suspense for fans who enjoy following the overall progress of a competition.

When you place a Futures bet in cricket, you’re predicting the long-term performance of teams or players. It could include guessing which team will lift the trophy at the end of a series or which player will emerge as the tournament’s leading wicket-taker. Futures bets allow cricket enthusiasts to engage with the sport on a broader scale, extending their interest beyond individual matches to the entire competition. Remember that these bets require patience, as the outcome will be known at the tournament’s or series’s conclusion.


Over and Under refer to predicting the total number of runs scored in a match. Let’s break it down. When you bet on the Over, you’re saying that the combined runs scored by both teams will be more than a specific number set by the bookmakers. On the other hand, if you bet on the Under, you’re predicting that the total runs scored will be less than the set number. 

For example, if the Over/Under is set at 300 runs, and you bet on the Over, you win if the total runs scored by both teams surpass 300. If you bet on the Under, you win if the total runs stay below 300. It’s like guessing whether the teams will score a lot or not quite as much in the game.

The most famous cricket events to bet on are:

The most famous cricket events to bet on are
  • ICC Cricket World Cup
  • T20 World Cup
  • Indian Premier League (IPL)
  • Caribbean Premier League (CPL)
  • Big Bash League (BBL)
  • Sheffield Shield First Class 
  • The Ashes Series
  • The Asia Cup
  • T20 Blast (Vitality)
  • County Championship 
  • The Hundred 
  • Basil D’Oliveira Trophy 
  • Border–Gavaskar Trophy

Top cricket betting tips to help you get a chance to win

Top cricket betting tips

Now that you are familiar with the fundamentals of cricket betting, here are some crucial pointers to assist you in profit:

  • Research: Find out as much as possible about the teams, players, and cricket before placing a wager on coaches and leagues. The more you know about the match, the better your chances of making money.
  • Set a budget: It’s crucial to decide how much money you want to spend and stick to it. It will prevent you from making sudden bets that could result in losses.
  • Start small: Start modest and progressively raise your stakes as you become more at ease with the betting process.
  • Be disciplined: Only place bets when you’re confident in your choice. Avoid impulsive decisions.
  • Look for value bets: Find cricket bets with higher odds than they should have for better chances of winning.


Handicap bets involve giving one team a virtual advantage or disadvantage to level the playing field for betting purposes.

The toss can influence betting outcomes as it chooses who will bat or bowl first for the squad, impacting the course of the match.

To manage risks, set a budget, do thorough research, and consider factors like team form, player performance, and match conditions before placing bets.

With in-play betting, you can wager on several outcomes during a live cricket match.

Live betting allows you to place wagers on a cricket match while it is in progress, adjusting your predictions based on the events.


Betting on cricket may be an enjoyable and successful way to add excitement to watching cricket matches. You can start making informed bets on your favorite cricket events by understanding the basics of how cricket betting works. Be sure to try out different types of bets to see what works best for you, and always remember to stay disciplined with your bankroll. With these tips, you can start betting on cricket like a pro! If you’re looking for a reliable platform to explore cricket betting, Dafawin Casino provides a user-friendly interface and diverse betting options, making it a suitable choice for enthusiasts.